World-wide Web Search of NFT Surpasses Crypto!

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  • Search for ‘NFT’  surpasses ‘crypto’.
  • By the end of 2021, the NFT sector will be of value $17.7 Billion.
  • OpenSea NFT marketplace to surpass value of $10 Billion.

There’s no doubt that the Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT) market is taking over the whole world at a rapid pace. 

Accordingly, Google Trends declares that the search for ‘NFT’ has surpassed that of ‘Crypto’ for the last one week. Also they term, such will the stature till the end of Christmas. 

This is a great factual analysis that the NFT industry is expanding and surging up at an incredible rate. Many developments and many attributes from the NFT have owed to such a development for the industry.

The Entry of NFT Gaming 

With blockchain gaming making a separate base for its own, now NFT plays a major role in it. In fact, ever since the evolution of the NFT gaming, the phase of NFT changed up completely. 

Apart from just being a digital collectible, NFTs now start to have a significant value and real time uses too. Besides, now almost no blockchain game is available without a NFT based platform. 

Furthermore, from NFT blockchain gaming, now the future is with the much anticipated and emerging ‘Metaverse’. 

Moreover, major NFT games which are actually a significant part of the entire NFT industry and are being played madly like anything are the Axie Infinity and the Soarare. In addition, this enables the players to earn money too from gaming! 

The NFT market will be reaching a far more supreme level with the onset of the metaverse and digital lands. The price at which certain digital lands are being sold as NFTs are completely unimaginable.

Similarly, according to recent statistics the value of the largest global NFT marketplace, the OpenSea, is also on the rise. And so, the total value of the OpenSea now accounts to more than $10 Billion.

NFT for Everyone 

The importance of NFT has risen so much that there are NFTs now, for each and every stream available into the world. 

From sports to celebrities to renowned brands, almost everyone are into the NFT. Likewise, brands such as Budweiser, Nike, Adidas have recently entered into the NFT market. Apart from just making money, they could clearly visualize that the adoption of NFT is the only way to evolve and survive for the future.

On the other hand, celebrities play their part too. Celebrities like Snoop Dog, Steve Aoki, Mila Kunis, and Melania Trump are all into the NFT business with NFTs based on themselves.

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