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OpenSea Upon Controversy on Hitler NFTs!

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OpenSea Upon Controversy on Hitler NFTs! NFT News
  • Numerous Adolf Hitler based artwork NFTs are available on the OpenSea.
  • Many raise concerns upon certain disturbing NFTs.
  • OpenSea assures removal of any sort of disturbing NFTs to ensure trust.

Controversies upon the crypto industry and among altcoins, one dragging the other and many such are a usual thing. However, a controversy upon one of its attributes, specifically the non-fungible tokens (NFT) platform is obviously not so. There have been certain disputes regarding the copyrights and stuff, but nothing as much to this extent. 

Accordingly, the world’s largest and most renowned NFT platform and marketplace, the OpenSea is now facing immense pressures. This is due to the fact that many NFTs, mostly artworks based on Adolf Hitler are prominently available on the platform.

Hitler NFT Controversy 

The OpenSea is really an open sea for the NFTs. Being the largest and most well established NFT marketplace all over the world. Despite all this, OpenSea now faces certain controversial issues regarding the availability of certain artworks. 

The availability of Hitler based NFTs on a large number has kindled the fire. Apart from being available in large numbers, many NFTs possess titles which are quite disturbing. Titles such as ‘Heil Hitler’, ‘Hitler did nothing wrong’, ‘ Hitler the leader’ are a few of such. 

Also, digital artworks of the same based on Hitler are quite being best sellers upon the OpenSea platform. 

In spite of all this, numerous concerns and controversies were created upon the OpenSea NFT marketplace.

OpenSea’s Comments 

Indeed, the OpenSea platform handled the situation quite well. In spite of all the hustle and bustle created, OpenSea declared officially that any sort of disturbing or violent or offensive NFTs upon their platform will be removed immediately irrespectively. 

Moreover, they mentioned that their sole goal is to establish a wide range and availability of all sorts of NFTs of any relative topics. 

Also they term, they are in obligeance to the law and will always ensure maximum trust upon their customers.

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