Time Magazine Joins the NFT League in OpenSea!

Time Magazine Joins the NFT League in OpenSea!
  • Times Magazine enters the NFT markets.
  • Times Magazine launches its own NFTs upon the OpenSea platform.
  • Their NFTs the ‘TIMEPieces’ each priced about o.1 ETH $300.

The Time magazine is one of the oldest magazines of America and till date stands out evidently. The weekly magazine which recently has turned into a bi-weekly magazine is for sure the best medium in reaching and being renowned.

 In spite of all this, the Times magazine has decided to enter into the non-fungible tokens (NFT) market. Of course as everyone is into NFTs , why don’t the Time magazine right?  

The TIMEPieces

The Time magazine enters into the NFT industry, with its new series of NFTs known as the ‘TIMEPieces’. These NFTs will be solely from the Time platform itself, with its very own team. Time magazine thrusts these as community based NFTs.

Furthermore, this community will compromise a team of 40 artists who are responsible for creating the NFTs. Moreover, the TIMEPieces has been launched upon the OpenSea NFT platform just a few hours back. 

Besides, these NFTs are at price ranges of about 0.1 Ethereum (ETH). With this, the TIMEPiece NFTs of about 4,676 NFTs were launched upon the OpenSea platform. 

The Director’s Views

In spite of this launch, the creative head of Time magazine, D.W Pine states that their step into the NFT market with the  TIMEPieces will establish their community with more features and rewards. 

Also, D.W pine depicts that all the artists from the Genesis community of Time magazine are into the creation of the TIMEPieces.

In addition, their intrusion and development with such digital collectible assets will also increase their digital subscription of their magazine too.  

In addition, the secondary markets other than OpenSea saw even higher prices for the TIMEPieces. Also, one particular TIMEPiece, ‘the CONTROL ROOM’ went for about 4269 ETH, approximately more than $13 million.

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