Twitter Introduces Bitcoin Tipping Feature on iOS Globally

Twitter Introduces Bitcoin Tipping Feature on iOS Globally
  • Twitter begins Bitcoin tipping features for creators on its platform.
  • Now it is available for iOS users worldwide, while for Android coming soon.
  • Twitter also plans to explore NFTs on its platform.

Twitter gave an announcement that it has begun with Bitcoin-based payment features on iOS. This would perform as a support for the creators on its platform. As a matter of fact, Bitcoin is aware globally and the firm believes that “Bitcoin operates without global barriers”, so adding features with Bitcoin would reach heights.

Significantly, Twitter uses two options for users to employ Bitcoin tips, in which the first is through a payment application. This is a menu of payment options that integrate Square’s Cash App and Go Fund Me, which allows users to send tips to a Bitcoin address.

On the other hand, the second option is via Strike. It is a Bitcoin payment application that operates on top of the Lightning Network. This network is a layer 2 service that is structured to improve transaction speed and lower the cost of transactions.

Moreover, Twitter states that the Bitcoin tipping feature is available to users who use iOS devices. While this feature will be soon available for Android users also with attractive updates. Consequently, this Bitcoin tipping feature coincides with the firm’s development on the launch of payment products to help users. These products help users to make money via the platform where some products were available for small groups of people previously.

Twitter Plans To Explore NFT

Along with the announcement of Bitcoin tipping on Thursday, the firm also stated the plans to explore NFTs. Non-fungible tokens (NFT) are digital assets that are unique and let users create digital artworks on the blockchain.

However, Twitter uses this as an option to support the creators on its platform with the plan “to explore NFT for authentication”. According to the Twitter executive, Esther Crawford, the platform helps artists who make this art by providing them with a stamp that proves their authenticity. He also states:

“People can track and display their NFT ownership on Twitter by connecting their Bitcoin wallets.”

Furthermore, the firm has announced an update on a number of new products. This plan includes the expansion of the 280-character limit on tweets, as well as a fund to support Spaces creators.

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