With No Downtime, VeChain Thor mainnet Reaches 10 Million Blocks Milestone

With No Downtime, VeChain Thor mainnet Reaches 10 Million Blocks Milestone

Since its mainnet debut in June 2018, VeChainThor (VET) blockchain has successfully crossed the 10 million blocks milestone without any network malfunction.

According to a tweet dated September 1, 2021. The VeChain Foundation states that the milestone is clear proof of public blockchain’s scalability, safety, and rock-solid stability.

While the 10 million blocks milestones of VeChain seem to be a piece of cake. Especially when compared to known blockchains like Bitcoin and Ethereum. Its accomplishment reflects the stability, scalability, and security of the Network throughout the years.

The team tweeted:

“Today, the VeChainThor mainnet has just reached 10,000,000 blocks without downtime – a major milestone that is testament to our public blockchain’s scalability, security, and rock-solid stability.”

It should be noted that several blockchain initiatives are started almost every day. With many of them not surviving in the highly competitive distributed ledger technology environment. This is owing to a lack of real-world use cases, hacks, and other difficulties.

Widely Adopted By Dapp Developers

Coinopsy, a website that records failed blockchain projects and coins. Stated that currently, there are over 2,225 dead networks inside the DLT ecosystem.

However, since its inception, VeChain has maintained stable and continuous development. And has attracted many highly respected companies in the real world, including Walmart China.

It may also be noted that VeChain has been widely adopted in recent times by a large number of developers of decentralized applications (Dapps) and even some governments.

The organization stated that the commercial behemoth Walmart and governmental adoption from San Marino and China consistently used the initiative. VeChain started its public testnet in late July with the first two components of the consensus upgrade but didn’t set a final mainnet launch date.

Despite its outstanding achievement this far, the VeChain team has made it clear that this is just the beginning of a tremendous journey forward as it is planning more infrastructure improvements, including its POA 2.0 update and significant collaborations in the months to come.

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