Where to Buy Terra 2.0?

Where to Buy Terra 2.0?
  • Do Kwon’s Twitter is flooded with platform tweets that support airdrop.
  • The listing of new Luna in those exchange portals remains unclear.

Crypto exchange platforms have greeted the new Terra blockchain but the welcoming of Luna 2.0 is not quite common among them. Platforms like Bitrue, Huobi, Kucoin, gate.io, Bitget, HitBTC, Bitfinex, Upbit, OKX, and FTX have officially given statements about their support for the Terra 2.0 airdrop. 

Terra’s tweet has mentioned that they are working closely with the Centralized Exchange platform (CEX) such as Binance and Bybit. And Do Kwon has been live-streaming every update regarding the upcoming Terra blockchain. Further, he has put an end to the rumor about him approaching the top 5 Korean exchanges to list Luna, he declined the statement.

Do Kwon tweet:

Support to Airdrop

Upbit and FTX have mentioned precisely that they are implementing the airdrop only, and that doesn’t mean they are supporting the new Luna or the Luna 2.0 will be listed in their platform. During the airdrop, the old Luna now renamed as Luna Classic (LUNC) and UST holders, will gain the new Luna as per the token distribution. 

The OKX platform has listed out a new trading pair for USDC in which the Luna occupies the first place. Also, if trading is made during airdrop or after the snapshot only the buyer will be included in the airdrop. 

The exchange platform’s reluctance toward the market support of Luna 2.0 may be because of high volatility, since the blame here cant be pointed on the stablecoin UST. Additionally, Upbit has also made clear that future airdrop support for assets that lose market value is not guaranteed. So, the exact portals where Luna 2.0 is going to be available for trading are still not clear.

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