Vitalik States: UniSwap’s Appchain Upgrade Makes “No Sense”

The Co- founder of Ethereum, Vitalik Buterin slashes the UniSwap community for its new upgrades in its appchains. Vitalik explicitly replied to the tweet revealing the “Inevitability of UNIchain” by Dan Glitzier, the Co-founder @nascentxyz. Now, the tweet is trending around and it became the recent talk of the town. 

Nascent is a multi-strategy investment company operating globally targeting all crypto and financial firms. For almost 2 years, Nascent has been working on building the appchain-centric space for all the crypto firms, expecting it would be the near future for the digital world. So one among their projects now is Uniswap. 

Interestingly, Uniswap is a prominent network possessing a strong brand in the industry. It has now upgraded its appchains for a new version of its platform. Moreover, Uniswap’s new rollups have made the trading experience more critical for the traders. It brings-in 3 new costs for all the DEX traders, trading Uniswap.

Vitalik is Against the Uniswap Chain

Yesterday, Dan Glitzier posted a tweet attaching the Case study about the “Inevitability of UNIchain” explaining the users the long-term bullish activities on appchains. On a sudden note, Vitalik replied with a direct statement to the tweet about Unichain. 

More interestingly, many users posted tweets supporting Vitalik replies on twitter. So this depicts, the upgrade of Uniswap will bring down the platform as it gains negative responses from the public. 

Further, Uniswap was one of the best crypto trading protocols, convenient for all the traders by completing theri trading in just 30 secs. Now it is more critical for all traders to pay additional fees to trade with Uniswap. 
To be honest, the idea behind bringing in such appchain upgrades is to gain an independent blockchain platform. Thus it helps the validators or sequencers to utilize and experience a specific application. But it should be figured out to which platform these upgrades must be given. Thus it is not meant for an effective platform like Uniswap in the marketplace.

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