Visa Acquires CryptoPunk#7610, Sales Breaches New Records!

Visa Acquires CryptoPunk#7610, Sales Breaches New Records!

Very well, the CryptoPunk needs no further introductions, as it’s like the ‘A’ in the non-fungible token (NFT) industry alphabets! Likewise, how the Bitcoin (BTC) is for the crypto industry, CryptoPunk is as so for the NFT industry. And all of the crypto industry knows very well that CryptoPunks are being the most valued NFT. Furthermore,  it’s one epic product from the NFT industry that has given wholesome recognition for the entire NFT market so far.

In spite of this, CryptoPunks being sold at record-breaking prices are no longer the hot news, as it’s obvious that they go for hellish prices! However, on Monday, the 23rd of August 2021, the CryptoPunk shot up to new records for the highest sale in a day. 

CryptoPunk’s New Record

Accordingly, on Monday the complete sales of CryptoPunk amounted to about $86 million for the day. This marks the highest sale of CryptoPunk in a day’s time. In spite of this, the so-far sale for the month of August for CryptoPunk stands at $332 million. However, it has to be noted that the month of August is still not yet over and probably the sales record for August will spike up further. 

On the other hand, the sales for the month of July 2021 tops all charts till date. This denotes the highest sale of CryptoPunk in a month, valuing about a whopping $135.2 million. In addition to this, the current month’s average price of CryptoPunk stands for $199,069.

Furthermore, even though it’s been a significant time since CryptoPunk was launched, the craze for it still remains as fresh as its initials. Also, it’s hopeful and highly predictive that CryptoPunk will continue to remain bullish, establishing the overall NFT market to new heights.

Visa’s CryptoPunk #7610

The next highlight is that one the very day that CryptoPunk made a record, the very day the payment gateway Visa made an announcement. Accordingly, Visa made a tweet on Monday stating that they have bought a CryptoPunk. Also, they revealed that the CryptoPunk purchased by them goes with the number #7610.

Accordingly, the team from Larva Labs which brought us the CryptoPunk to the NFT industry and being its creators, state Visa bought #7610 CryptoPunk for about 49.50 Ethereum (ETH). This is equal to about $150,000 directly. 

In spite of this many speculate that the price paid by Visa is quite high in comparison with its previous sales.

Upon the tweet, Visa describes that in its presence of 60 years so far, the firm has acquired numerous art-crafts, zip-zap electronic card payments, and other many precious collectibles. All these are considered to be valued assets in the firm’s name.  

However, there seems to be connectivity here between CryptoPunk reachings its ATH for a day and Visa purchasing its CryptoPunk #7610 on the same day.

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