United Wholesale Mortgage Plans to Accept Bitcoin Payments

United Wholesale Mortgage Plans to Accept Bitcoin Payments

Cryptocurrencies are raising their value and standards by growing mature in the market. Popular countries, business giants and many financial institutions are adopting crypto for larger growth. All the digital currencies are scoring high values in the market attracting large users into the digital space. 

The second largest US mortgage lender, United Wholesale Mortgage (UWM) announces the company plans to accept crypto payments in Q3. Notably, the U.S resident buyers will have an offer to pay their home loans in Bitcoin (BTC)

Moreover, being the top most company in innovation and technology, UWM can easily execute these crypto payment services in the country. Thus, it can be the strongest competitor among other financial mortgages. 

Further, the CEO of UWM, Mat Ishbia shared the financial results of Q2 in the conference call. During the meeting, he stated that the company is looking forward to accepting digital currency payment options. Besides, the mortgage lenders had successful Q2 results with $138.7M in net profits for the quarter. 

Mortgage payments in Crypto

So, with good Q2 results, the CEO is very excited to start accepting digital currency payments at the end of Q3. And the first crypto payment starts from accepting the famous crypto king, Bitcoin (BTC) then Ether and other crypto assets, he adds.

However, all businesses and firms are adapting on decentralized platforms to closely work with these digital currencies. So the U.S market is busy in crypto adoption as it became the recent trend in this era. 

Thus, being the second largest mortgage lender, UWM is very excited in accepting the crypto payments. Through this, UWM will be the first mortgage company in America to accept cryptocurrency. So, the CEO is looking forward to digital purchases and payments through crypto assets within Q3, 2021. 

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