The United States Accepts Crypto As a Part of Economy

The United States Accepts Crypto As a Part of Economy
  • The world cryptocurrency market breaks to $2 trillion.
  • Bitcoin, the King of Cryptocurrencies is currently trading at $44,376.02
  • Ethereum along with other major Altcoins raises above 20%.

As Bitcoin dominance increases to 46% the crypto market started moving with positive bullish signs. The overall cryptocurrency market has reached $2 trillion since May 2021.


The Infrastructure bill of the United States has moved all eyes over the cryptocurrency market. By implementing tax to the crypto industry, the United States has taken some positive stance in adopting crypto with regulations.

After a long time, the crypto users of the United States have good news with the country adopting crypto as a part of the economy with proper regulations and taxes. This was a major move that pushed Bitcoin and other altcoins to soar.

Along with ETH, BNB, and ADA, Bitcoin raised above 20% for the past week. Spot trading volume has increased in exchanges as short-term traders and big whales started booking profits.

On the other side, we have XRP, IoTX, HOT, and MATIC stay ultra bullish along with the Meme King Dogecoin. We also need to notice the DeFi Market that has raised to $100B since the last bull run.

The entire crypto market shows bullish signs as the total market cap is just below the world’s largest companies Microsoft and Apple. Soon we can expect Bitcoin to hit $50,000 and the crypto market cap will go to Number one in the World.

This is actually very positive news for the crypto community as the major country U.S comes into the market along with the success of Ethereum London hard fork