U.K.’s Advertising Watchdog Investigates Ads of Floki Inu Crypto

UK’s Advertising Authority Says Floki Inu Ads Are “Irresponsibly Exploited”

Floki Inu (FLOKI) is a new crypto coin launched by the members of Shiba Inu community. It is popularly known as people’s cryptocurrency as it empowers its meme culture, utility and charitability. 

At present, the advertising authorities of the United Kingdom are investigating the advertising blitz . Which began last month across the entire London’s transport network. The Floki community released ads with posters about the meme coin (FLOKI) in Tube stations and on the city’s iconic red buses. 

Moreover, the UK’s watch dogs confirmed their investigating act upon the controversial statement of the ads. The featured tagline is “Missed DOGE? Get FLOKI ” were postered London transports. 

Floki Inu Ads Under Investigation

Furthermore, the advertising team behind the Floki Inu directly claims that these ads are legally cleared. Most importantly the investigation process is an attack against the digital currency and against the people’s freedom of choice. 

Besides, many crypto ads have dropped in the country as they failed to make people aware of the risks in the crypto assets. So keeping in mind, Floki Inu ads campaign came up with a disclaimer. Stating, digital investments can fluctuate in values. And cryptocurrencies are not in the U.K regulation. 

In regards to this disclaimer, many government authorities claim that it is not a strong advice to the people. More so, a London Assembly member for the Green Party Sian Berry says, 

“Floki Inu ads say it is completely unregulated and so people can lose their assets. And I don’t think crypto ads must be on the transport network as they are unethical.”

With legal approvals, Floki Inu team shares that the Transport of London (TFL) is rising the pressure to ban the crypto projects promoted to the commuters.  

However, the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) replies to the BBC stating the advertising authorities will continue to assess the ads whether they break the ASA rules. And investigation findings will update our regulator’s with all enforcement actions taken in this case.

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