Tyson Fury’s NFT Fires Hot to $1 Million

Tyson Fury’s NFT Fires Hot to $1 Million

This may be the talk of the town among the NFT market. With many new non-fungible tokens (NFT) on the rise each and every day, the participants are of course flourishing. Besides this, the overall market is quite promising too. Amidst this one token has brought itself to highlights, making history upon the sports-based NFTs.

Tyson Fury’s NFT

The legendary two-time heavyweight champion, the British professional boxer for sure needs no further introduction. Recently about a week ago a NFT based upon him, titled ‘Lineal by Tyson Fury’ has been launched. 

In addition, the NFT was launched for sale on the platform HoDooi.com. Ever since its launch upon the platform a week ago, its sales skyrocketed like anything. 

Moreover, the epic highlight is that now,‘Lineal by Tyson Fury’ is the highest priced NFT sold on the sports-based NFTs. Truly making a record for itself. 

Also, according to the auction, the NFT buyers will be receiving a completely real-life token together with a five-foot painting of the same ‘Lineal by Tyson Fury’. In addition to all this, the five-foot painting will be signed by Tyson Fury himself. 

Apart from all this, the buyer will also receive a signed glove and a personal congratulations video as a souvenir from the boxing champion.

Fury’s Comments

Amidst all this, Fury set out his gratitude by thanking all the participants. Furthermore, he expressed his happiness in working with the HoDooi team and the HoDooi platform for making this historical treat as the highest auctioned sports NFT.

Apart from the ‘Lineal by Tyson Fury’ , another series of NFT upon Tyson Fury is available in HoDooi too. Titled the ‘Five to Five Collection’ which is also on, Tyson Fury gets a series of five collectible NFTs.

In addition, the NFTs upon this ‘Five to Five Collection’ are categorized into 5 different categories, namely Diamond, Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Bronze. Moreover, this ‘Five to Five Collection’ is also on fire upon the platform

. It’s speculated to reach greater prices, let’s wait and watch if it will overtake the  ‘Lineal by Tyson Fury’!

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