Wed, October 4

Twitter’s New CEO Linda Yaccarino Tweets Her First Post Appointment

Elon Musk's Cryptic Tweet Sparks Speculation Among Dogecoin Army Tradingview
  • Linda recently resigned from her job at NBC Universal as Head of Global Advertising.
  • According to the new CEO, she wants to help usher in Twitter 2.0.

Twitter, the microblogging social media site, has been on fire for the last week after current CEO Elon Musk dropped hints about appointing a new leader. Elon Musk quickly verified any rumors that Linda Yaccarino would be taking over the firm’s affairs in the next six weeks, with Musk assuming the roles of Chairman and CTO.

Linda took to social media for the first time to address the public after her appointment was announced, saying that she shares Musk’s desire to improve the world and is eager to rebrand the company.

Focusing on Twitter 2.0

A lot has changed with the company’s management and marketing strategy since Elon Musk bought it. The wealthy investor has done a lot to illustrate that there are major plans for Web3 and the digital currency ecosystem, including frequent employment cutbacks and product enhancements that have been reported on Twitter.

Elon Musk made a well-publicized action earlier this year when he temporarily replaced the Twitter logo with the Dogecoin icon. Now that Linda Yaccarino is in charge, many people are wondering whether the fortunes of Dogecoin and the industry as a whole will change.

According to Linda, she wants to help usher in Twitter 2.0 and promises to take user criticism to heart. She openly asked for any feedback, right in her first post. While Twitter 2.0’s specifics have yet to be disclosed, they may be consistent with Musk’s stated desire to incorporate the company’s principal product with payment services. Linda recently resigned from her job at NBC Universal as Head of Global Advertising.

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