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Turkish Exchange Thodex Stopped, 391K Investors Are In Fear

Turkish Exchange Thodex Stopped, 391K Investors Are In Fear Exchange News
  • Turkish cryptocurrency exchange Thodex has stopped.
  • Nearly 400,000 investors are in fear.
  • $2-10 billion is locked in the Thodex account.

Turkish crypto exchange Thodex has stopped functioning without any intimation, as per Bloomberg. Due to this, more than 391,000 customers who had earned money through the Thodex exchange have been locked out.

Thodex is the cryptocurrency exchange company based in Turkey which was rebranded itself from its earlier version Koineks. Thodex is only used for Turkish investors and not any other country investors.

The statement shared by the Thodex exchange in Twitter that it wants to enable peer-to-peer crypto investments services from outside.

Thodex adds,

” Temporarily closed due to an abnormal fluctuation in the company account”

But it seems to be an unbelievable statement, it might be true, or it might not be true. The media reports said that the founder of Thodex has flown to Albania taking the investors fund with him.

According to the lawyer Oguz Evren Kilic, the investors’ money which was locked in the Thodex account is almost $2-10 billion. However, Thodex still has money that is left in the bank account, it was not sure that the left amount was enough for everyone involved, they must share it.

The big reason behind Thodex’s popularity and attraction is that the exchange has given 150 DOGE to everyone who signed up on this platform for nearly one month, that’s the reason Thodex reached the people in a shorter time.

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