Turkey and El-Salvador Presidents Meet, BTC Suspected to Be Discussed Unofficially!

Turkey and El-Salvador Presidents Meet, BTC Suspected to Be Discussed Unofficially!
  • Turkey and El-Salvador Presidents meet officially.
  • Many topics were discussed, except the much anticipated BTC. 
  • Rumors upon Turkey BTC legal tender spread virally.

The President of El-Salvador attained world fame for making the country the first in the world to make Bitcoin (BTC) as legal tender. Apart from this, the El-Salvador President, Nayib Bukele is one of the favorites in the crypto sector and an avid BTC enthusiast too. 

With all this into account, Nayib Bukele takes an official trip to Turkey to meet the president of Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. 

The Presidents Meet

The meeting of both the Presidents took place at Ankara, the capital of Turkey on Thursday,  January 20, 2022. Turkey in terms of crypto, obviously has certain twists and turns. Note the fact that Turkey has not yet legalized crypto and BTC, nor has it put forth any regulations. 

Let any President visit Turkey, the news wouldn’t have been this hot! Being an avid backer up and completely devotee of BTC, Nayib Bukele’s meeting with Recep Tayyip Erdogan obviously stirred up various hot debates upon the crypto industry. 

However, the official meeting consisted of El-Salvador’s embassy officials along with Nayib and Erdogan, and other Turkey officials. Soon after the inauguration, various topics were upon discussion. They were based on economics, defense, trade, education and diplomacy, and so on. 

In spite of this, about six deals were signed and agreed mutually by the two Presidents. 

BTC Disappointment

As many expected Nayib to pitch Erdogan upon the BTC, no such talks took place officially in the Meet. The whole crypto industry was anxiously awaiting certain BTC talks between both, sadly, that didn’t happen though. This left many BTC enthusiasts in Turkey too with disappointment. 

On the other hand, rumors started to spread like anything on all social media, especially Twitter. Many started to put out tweets terming that BTC will be made as legal tender in February 2022 in Turkey! 

In spite of this, many fake accounts depicting both Presidents were blocked and removed by Twitter for spreading false news. 

Moreover, possibly as everyone suspects a talk upon BTC would have taken place, but maybe not officially. Many terms that the BTC talks between the Presidents would have been possibly unofficial!

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