Tracking In-Game Digital Assets With NFTs Patent Filed by Sony

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  • Sony plans to employ a distributed ledger (blockchain) to keep track of digital media assets.
  • The tech giants entry into the expanding NFT gaming market is signaled.

Records recently made public indicate that the global entertainment powerhouse Sony filed for a patent in 2021 on a method to keep tabs on in-game digital assets utilizing blockchain technology, more precisely NFTs. On November 10, 2022, the patent was made public.

Furthermore, the success of PlayStation, a line of video game consoles developed by Sony, a Japanese multinational technology conglomerate, is evidence of the widespread appeal of video games and the desire of gamers everywhere to acquire memorabilia associated with their favorite athletes, musicians, celebs, and esports champions.

The multinational tech giant stated:

“In traditional video games, there is no way to differentiate a specific instance of an in-game item that a famous player of the video game used to win a famous tournament from any other instance of the in-game item.”

NFTs and Blockchain Integration into Games

Sony plans to employ a distributed ledger (blockchain) to keep track of digital media assets, gameplay, and video clips. With each item having its own token that has its own unique identity and information that identifies features of the digital asset, as detailed in the application.

Despite the patent application’s limited scope, Sony’s entry into the expanding NFT gaming market is signaled. Moreover, Sony, with roots in Tokyo, is one of the leading entertainment and media firms with the intention to integrate NFTs and blockchain technology into their games.

However, it’s unlikely that this patent would be Sony’s first venture into NFTs. Sony and Theta Labs introduced their line of 3D NFTs together in May of 2022. Furthermore, Spatial Reality Display, a Sony tablet-like gadget, is compatible with the exclusive NFT collection.

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