Top 5 Meme-Currency Gainers Of The Week

Top 5 Meme-Currency Gainers Of The Week
  • The meme-currencies have begun to rule the crypto market.
  • The top five meme-currency gainers of the week are listed.
  • Significantly, these tokens are MOLA, LOWB, DOGEGF, XDOGE, and WOOF.

Following the huge rise of the meme-currency trend, the market began to witness many meme-coins given birth in the industry. The surge of Dogecoin was an initial take while SHIB took the perfect move with great success hitting a continuous new ATH.

Consequently, the performance of SHIB surpassed Bitcoin and other leading cryptocurrencies in the industry. This new hit of meme-currencies was the pillar for many meme-coins to enter the market. Considering the potential of these tokens, traders and investors showed interest in meme-currencies which was the first successful step for meme-tokens.

However, the traders are aware of many cryptocurrencies with much potential to reach great heights in the next term. Besides, the market offers many options for investors to choose from the variety of meme-currencies to explode. Let’s dig into the top five meme-currency gainers of the week which are MOLA, LOWB, DOGEGF, XDOGE, and WOOF.

Top Meme-Currency Gainers

The first token in the list is Moonlana which bills itself as a next-generation memes platform by Solana. Moonlana has its own DEX, the LanaDex, which includes charts, logos, and NFTs. All of LanaDex’s trading fees will be used to purchase back and burn MOLA, the platform’s native cryptocurrency. Lanabots, an NFT collection containing 3,333 unique random animated bots, is also available on Moonlana. Currently, MOLA is trading at $0.0019 which is 13% up in the past 24-hours and soars nearly 30% in a week.

The second meme-token in the list is Loser Coin (LOWB) where the founders were ready to lose everything to launch this coin. They prepared and spent their whole savings for the liquidity pool and guaranteed that the price of $LOWB will not be changed due to lack of capital. At the time of writing, the trading price of LOWB is $0.000070 which is nearly 9% up within a week.

The next top meme-currency gainer of the week is DodgeGF (DODGEGF) which focuses on growing the team, community events, burn events, rebranding, and more. It is an ERC-20 token that describes itself as “a token for kind gestures based on reciprocity”. Moreover, the current trading price of DOGEGF is $0.000000002929 with a rise of over 39% in a week.

Furthermore, the top fourth meme-gainer is Classic Doge (XDOGE) which focuses on pet lovers. It is a BEP-20 token that is perfect for dog lovers and connects the pet lovers’ community. The platform bills itself as the “first decentralized pet community” and features a social app for pet lovers. The current trading price of XDOGE is $0.000762 which has surged to nearly 50% within a week.

The final meme-token in the list is WOOF (WOOF) which is similar to Moonlona, built on top of Solana. WoofSwap is the company’s own DEX and NFT marketplace. After debuting in late October, WOOF is one of the fastest-growing communities, with more than 26K users. At the time of writing, the trading price of WOOF is $0.001560 that has soared to over 20% within a week. However, the aforementioned meme-tokens are the top meme-currency gainers of the week. These tokens have the potential to reach great heights in the next term.

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