Top 5 Gainers of BNB Chain Today

First Ever L2 on BNB Chain Now Live on Boba Network
  • On the BNB chain, the top-ranking coin is RAMP.
  • The top 5 coins in the BNB Chain are RAMP, FWT,YFII, EPS, and CEEK.

BNB stated that they increased the gas fees to increase the network capacity and to provide a seamless dApp experience. The top gainers from the past 24 hours are Ramp, Freeway Token, and DFI. Money, Ellipsis, and CEEK VR.


The Defi protocol, which is decentralized, aims to increase Defi adoption by enabling non-Ethereum (ETH) users to stake tokens on ETH marketplaces. The current price of RAMP is $0.1167, and it is currently having market cap of $55,415,600 in CMC with a volume of $36655.68 and a fall in the price of 25.31 percent.

RAMP Price Chart (Source: CMC) 


The native utility tokens for AuBit Freeway are called “Freeway Tokens” (FWT). And it has a market cap of $80,795,189 in CMC trading at $0.008072. The volume is $14712.22, an increase of 7.34 percent from the previous 24 hours.

FWT Price chart (source: CMC)


A native governance token for the DFI, the YFII is currently trading at $1,674.39 with a volume of $260.72M, down 5.06 percent, and market cap worth $64,703,113 on CMC. 

YFII Price chart (source: CMC)

Ellipsis (EPS)

Users can transfer coins on the Binance Smart Chain using Ellipsis, which is down 0.02 percent from the previous 24 hours and is currently trading at $0.1855 with a volume of $1.90M and the market cap is $134,198,447 in CMC.

EPS Price chart (source: CMC)


The price of CEEK VR, a cryptocurrency that runs on the Ethereum network with market cap $204,559,074 in CMC. At the time of writing, the price is $0.2552 with a volume of $32.09M and is at a high of 216.92 percent.

CEEK Price chart (source: CMC)

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