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Top 3 Most Visited Crypto Tokens in Last 24 Hours

Top 3 Most Visited Crypto Tokens in Last 24 Hours Defi News

It has never been simpler to earn a passive income due to the crypto sector and decentralized finance. Let us see the Top 3 Crypto Tokens most visited in the last 24 hours.

Golden Doge (GDOGE)

Golden Doge (GDOGE) is a token of a community with a golden vault that fills 5 percent of all made by GDOGE loving transactions. The Golden Doge constructed the Golden Vault! Each GDOGE bearer may take out as much GDOGE token as it holds from this golden vault every 24 hours.

Moreover, the more love you offer to the Golden Doge, the more love you may claim! Golden Doge rewards its holders when they hold for a long term!

The Golden Doge (GDOGE) platform states that the DeFi investing landscape will be redefined with a token allowing everyone holding it to claim the Binance Coin (BNB) every 24 hours.

Ultimately, with a joyful and inspiring token, based on the constantly expanding Binance Smart Chain, Golden Doge wants to provide safety and transparency to the DeFi investing landscape. It utilizes a decentralized exchange to convert BEP20 tokens into GDOGE for crypto-enthusiasts quickly.

At the time of writing, the Golden Doge Token price, set at $0.000000000106.

Tiki Token

Tiki Token is the next generation of a Binance Smart Chain (BSC) yield-generating contract, where you are rewarded in BNB rather than tokens.

Traditional redistribution is a notion which Safemoon promoted. The method encourages token holders to receive transaction dividends (buys and sells). The redistribution is dependent on the current token balance and the number of holders (in the contract). You automatically get additional tokens.

Redistribution of BNB popularized by HODL and GhostFace, a transaction charge for each buy and sell order is applied, tokens are then swapped for BNB in real-time and contributed to a POOL (very much similar to how liquidity pools work).

Moreover, holders may access a website to declare that the BNB earned at a certain period (daily/weekly/etc.). The BNB they can collect is dependent on the holdings percentage and current pool size.

At the time of writing, the Tiki Token price, set at $0.006523.

Ethereum Chain Tokens

Launched with a supply of 100 billion in total, Ethereum Chain Token (ECT) promises to change crypto owner’s passive earning potential throughout the crypto landscape. This ERC-20 coin was intended to be a value store for all its users and holders.

Furthermore, this smart-contract-based cryptocurrency, designed to enhance many fronts. It pretends to tear down barriers between traders, users, and miners with an intuitive solution that makes it simple for traders to incorporate Ethereum Chain Tokens (ECT) into their current platform.

Ethereum Chain Token (ECT) is a community-based emergent crypto asset. Although the initiative is new, its community has been quite supportive.

The ECT token price, set at $0.00008781, at the time of writing.

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