This One Hot Crypto Stock Pick will be the Only Investment You Need in 2021

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One of the best stock picks that people are currently investing in is Clever Defi. There are many reasons why that is so, mainly the potential of gaining more crypto profit. Overall, a lot of the investors are planning to invest in the Clever DeFi CLVA tokens

Owing to this, it is no surprise that this platform is a hot option in the stock market. And quite possibly, it would continue to be in 2021, as one can earn long-term profits as token holders. In this article, you would learn why this is one platform you should consider investing in. 

Uses of Clever 

One of the main reasons behind the popularity of Clever is that one can smartly store their wealth. It runs using a Decentralized Finance protocol. The average ROI rate in the market is not as high as the possible returns one would get from Clever. Plus, the platform is very secure, and that is why individual and company investors are focusing on it. Overall, the safe and verified platform helps investors gain better interests in the stock market. 

Interest payment 

The main reason why Clever DeFi is worth investing in is because of the usable interest rates. While there are platforms that would give commendable rates, Clever allows higher returns possibility. Indeed, the entire process runs over 888 cycles, and the token holders earn interest each fortnight. 

These cycles are programmed from before, and the entire process takes 34.15 years to complete. At the 14 day intervals, Clever offers a compound interest of 11% to the token holders. This is a guaranteed payment, and people using this platform can earn without third-party interruption. Not to mention, the investors would get the entire amount, which many other platforms fail to provide. 

Another good point of this process is that you do not have to add any extra effort to get bigger return rates. Clever itself runs audits and test-checks properly before launch to make sure that the process runs smoothly. After starting the process, the entire cycle runs for the complete timeline. 

Is Clever worth investing in?

Many people are not fully accepting of investing in cryptocurrency or stock markets. So, at the moment, Clever is focusing on gaining the acceptance of users. The Defi system and platforms are not the most common stock market players, and Clever focuses on showing the benefits. Surely, a lot of people are more open to accepting challenges and are investing in this. Security of the digital currency, though, is still a major point of concern for users. 

So, Clever tries to ensure that with their CLVA tokens. They are reliable, can store different cryptocurrencies, and only the user has control over their own. They do not have to worry about staking periods, lock-in periods, and having specific contracts. Furthermore, the token holders can handle their own token transactions within the cycles, and the interest payments are automated. 


Given the highly-secure structure of the DeFi and the ability to get guaranteed interests, investors are opting for Clever Tokens. There is a big chance it would become a bigger player in 2021, and you should consider investing in it. 

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