Crypto’s Search Volume Reaches New ATH on Google Trends

Crypto’s Search Volume Reaches New ATH on Google Trends

Cryptocurrency reaches its highest level of search volume in Google trends. The search interest peaked during the week of May 9th- May 15th, due to the fluctuations of bitcoin value.

Google Trends tweeted  a report showing that cryptocurrency holds more search quantity in recent times and reaches its all-time high (ATH) yet both in the U.S and worldwide. The term “cryptocurrency” has triggered a curiosity among the users as crypto is emerging in all real-life applications. Moreover, the searches can be initiated from audiences who are more interested in cryptocurrency and its trading platforms.

Crypto Search Volume
Crypto Search Volume (Source: Google Trends)

Users Interest in Crypto Market

The prominent truth behind the subject crypto is due to the interesting trading activities of main cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum. The search volume of cryptocurrency shows a wider view of users’ interest into the crypto space. So some possible reasons for the urge of crypto interest is,

  • Bitcoin: The price value of bitcoin reached above $50,000 during the week of May 9- 15, where at the same time, search volume of cryptocurrency was also at its peak. More than 65% of users have searched for a combination of cryptocurrency and bitcoin in google trends.
  • Ethereum: The price value of ETH reached above $4,300 in the same week, which created an urge among the viewer. Additionally, it is Ethereum’s bull-run as it reaches its all-time high price for the first time. So Ethereum also gains high search volume along with cryptocurrency keywords.
  • Dogecoin: Tesla CEO Elon Musk’s organized SNL night on May 8th to discuss the value of dogecoin. At that time the search volume of Dogecoin was recorded high.

To be added, Ethereum miners earned a profit of $128.04 million beating the profit of bitcoin’s value $61.6 million. This happened on the same day on May 15th 2021. Besides these two top cryptocurrencies, the trading aspects of other Altcoins has also created an urge and interest among the public users to know more about the crypto world. 

Therefore, we easily understand that users always expect to work with new technologies and trends. For instance, when a new news, post or a tweet emerges into the media platforms, users are very much eager to know more about them. And this act increases the search volume of any keywords and terms in search engines.

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