U.S Securities and Exchange Commission

Ripple Proposes Crypto-regulations Plan for U.S Regulators

Ripple emphasized public-private partnership in future crypto-law. The DCEA would also help define “digital commodity exchanges.” While taking advantage of

2 weeks ago 2 mins read

Nexo Acquires Stake in SEC-Registered Texture Capital

The transaction is part of Nexo’s worldwide plan. The objective is to enhance the value and usefulness of crypto. Nexo

3 weeks ago 2 mins read

Trillion Dollars to Enter Bitcoin (BTC) Funds

Entire crypto industry grows profusely. BTC, ETH, ADA, BNB, XRP are some of the prominent surgers for last month. BTC

3 weeks ago 2 mins read

Congressmen Fight With SEC for BTC Spot ETFs

U.S SEC disapproves of BTC spot ETFs. However, BTC Futures ETFs have been approved by the SEC  . Congressmen vividly

4 weeks ago 3 mins read

The U.S Leads Globally Upon Crypto and Blockchain!

The U.S will not ban Bitcoin and cryptocurrency. Crypto adoption rises dramatically all over the U.S. The U.S to also

1 month ago 3 mins read

Multiple Factors Could Impact the Fourth Quarter of Crypto Coins

Governing bodies, on the other hand, anticipate stable coin rules. The stable coin market leader Tether, predicted to have a

1 month ago 2 mins read

Is XRP Eyeing $2 By the End of October?

XRP rises upto 10.34% highest in the past 24 hours. XRP’s current market shows complete bullish trends. Analysts predict XRP

2 months ago 3 mins read

100 Million XRP of $107M Transferred in 6 Whale Transactions!

100 million XRP transferred between various exchange accounts. Value of $107 million has been so far transferred. All these have

2 months ago 2 mins read

Ripple (XRP) CEO Refuses Settling With SEC Strongly

Battle between the U.S SEC and Ripple intensifies. The CEO of Ripple refuses to surrender and fights against the SEC

2 months ago 3 mins read