SEC’s Elad Roisman, Pal of Crypto Resigns!

SEC’s Elad Roisman, Pal of Crypto Resigns!
  • SEC Commissioner Elad Roisman resigns officially.
  • Will be leaving the office by the end of January 2022.
  • Letter officially sent to President Joe Biden.

The crypto industry for sure will be in cheers when a member of the U.S Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) resigns. 

However, here actually it’s a mourning day. This is because of the official news that one of the lost favorite SEC people among the cryptocurrency community has officially resigned. 

Yes, it’s the crypto pal, commissioner Elad Roisman

The Announcement 

Firstly, commissioner Elad Roisman, is actually one of the five members who form the board for the SEC. Accordingly,  Elad Roisman officially sent a letter to President Joe Biden, regarding his resignation. 

Furthermore, the commissioner acknowledges that he will be working till January 2022, and will be leaving only by the month end. 

In spite of this, Elad Roisman states that he will continue working with his colleagues till end of January 2022, to do the best possible to establish a fair and secure digital market, for digital assets, investors and much more.

Commissioner Roisman So Far 

Commissioner Roisman , first entered the SEC office in 2018, upon which he served as the chairperson for SEC from December 2020, for a period of two months. He was then replaced by commissioner Allison Herren Lee, who in turn was succeeded by current chairperson, Gary Gensler. 

Although Elad Roisman’s service is actually till 2023, he decided to resign himself. Furthermore, during his service so far in the SEC, Roisman was the favorite for the crypto community. 

In addition, he stood for the crypto sector many times. Likewise, during his serve as the chief counsel of U.S Senate Banking Committee, Roisman ordered the SEC to properly re-examine all the rules and regulations put forth for the digital asset and it’s market.

Also, he once together with ‘crypto mom’ Hester Peirce signed a letter against the chair of SEC, Gensler. This was in regards to Gensler and the SEC failing to provide necessary clarifications for crypto regulations.

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