Terra (LUNA & UST) – The Journey So Far

In the past, the crypto market has faced failures in the algorithmic stablecoins, the mechanism behind the stablecoins seems to

6 months ago 4 mins read

Terra USD (UST) Price Surges Above 50% From Its ATL

Terra ecosystem is in halt from delegation at block height 7607789. The current price is $0.06853 which is 94% lower

6 months ago 2 mins read

LUNA 2.0 – New Blockchain by Terra Without UST

During the launch, LUNA will be airdropped in major app developers of Terra Classic. Terra 2.0 is believed to be

6 months ago 3 mins read

Bitcoin Trying to Climb Back the Ladder – Spikes in Exchange Platforms

Recovery status among the coins can be viewed in the market atmosphere. BTC attained a price value above $30,000 at

7 months ago 2 mins read

Terra’s LUNA Downfall Crosses Over 90% In last 24HRS

Binance suspended the withdrawal in the Terra network due to high traffic in the environment. Traders worry LFG may sell

7 months ago 3 mins read

Terra’s Prudent Steps to Protect Its Ecosystem from Market Variability

Lending BTC and UST to maintain consistency in LFG Reserve Pool. Attain a $10 Billion BTC target by the 2022

7 months ago 2 mins read