Stream Live — A Blockchain-Based Rewarding Live Streaming Platform

Stream Live — A Blockchain-Based Rewarding Live Streaming Platform

Progressively, existing platforms are being phased out in favour of a relatively new concept: live-streaming platforms. Every day, fans tune in to watch, interact with, and reward their favourite online performers.

However, a new streaming service called Stream Live offers an all-in-one streaming solution. A single platform allows viewers to search for and see live broadcasts from all major platforms, saving viewers time and effort. Similarly, broadcasters on Stream Live may simultaneously go live on popular streaming sites like Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook.

Additionally, Stream Live has developed an innovative method of rewarding broadcasters and customers. Users may earn STREAM coins (STRM) by viewing advertising on Stream Live for their favourite programmes.

The service is entirely decentralised, with users able to send and receive STRM using any cryptocurrency wallet that accepts Binance Smart Chain (BSC) tokens. By eliminating transaction costs and enabling flawless peer-to-peer connections, the platform intends to provide a smoother streaming experience for customers and broadcasters alike.

Stream Live wants to integrate an NFT Marketplace ecosystem into the service in the future. Additionally, they want to mint streamed content as NFT’s. In February of 2022, a public auction will be conducted to launch the ideation process.

As a result, Stream Live seems to be a forward-thinking streaming solution capable of handling some of the decade’s most inventive and intriguing ideas. The network seems to have endless potential, owing to its own high-speed STREAM blockchain, which pays viewers and broadcasters alike, as well as its own STRM coin. In particular, all are excited to see how Stream Live will make use of the NFT marketplace.

About Stream Live

To help streamers expand their following and reward their fans, Stream Live has developed an all-in-one blockchain-based platform for live streaming video content. When using Stream Live, broadcasters may press one button and begin broadcasting to a variety of platforms at once. The mission is to connect users from all around the globe with a single tap and one portal.

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