South Korea Dedicates $200B Sovereign Wealth Fund for Metaverse

The South Korean Government Joins with the Korea Digital Asset Industry Committee!
  • South Korea allocates a sovereign wealth fund of $200 billion upon Metaverse.
  • This will be done through the Korea Investment Corp (KIC). 
  • KIC reported to concentrate on Metaverse and Artificial Intelligence vividly.

The world truly knows the epic potential of South Korea. Being such a well developed and futuristic country, the views and renewments of South Korea are completely towards the future, rather than being just futuristic alone. In such terms, the government of South Korea takes radical plans and announces officially regarding one such investment by them focusing on the future. 

Accordingly, South Korea is investing about a whopping $200 Billion upon what is said to be the vivid future, the Metaverse. Yes, through the Korea Investment Corp (KIC), a whopping $200 Billion will be spent on Metaverse and it’s developments. In addition to this, the KIC is also said to concentrate more on Artificial Intelligence (AI) alongside the Metaverse too. 

South Korea with Metaverse Madness

It’s obvious that South Korea is known as the home for Metaverse. The tech savvy country wants to evidently develop the whole nation with the help of Metaverse too. In such etrms, apart from just indulging and researching, now the government plans ways to make revenue by making Metaverse as a sovereign wealth fund. 

Tech giants of South Korea like Samsung have indeed indulged themselves as much as it could into the Metaverse. Accordingly, as the latest Metaverse move by Samsung, Samsung launched it’s much anticipated flagship phone of the year 2022, the Samsung Galaxy S22 on it’s Metaverse store in Decentraland.

 On the other hand, the epic game maker, Krafton, which actually brought out to the world a revolutionary game still on craze, the Players Unknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) announced its radical indulgence on Metaverse too. For this, Krafton will be joining hands with Seoul Auction Blue and Xbyblue for technically developing their Metaverse characters and to provide Non Fungible Token (NFT) based services too.

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