Thu, May 23

U.S. Judge Rules AI-Created Works Ineligible for Copyright Protection

U.S. District Judge Beryl Howell has ruled that works fully created by artificial intelligence are not eligible for copyright protection. Thus, upholding the view of the U.S. Copyright Office. This decision is timely given the widespread fear that generative AI may one day replace human creators in fields like art

August 20, 2023 1 min read

Can Artificial Intelligence (AI) Use Ethereum (ETH)?

Ryan Adams, Founder of Bankless recently tweeted on Ethereum blockspace stating that AI agents will get to the primary consumers by the 2030s. AI would serve the human nation with needed services is the expectation.  AI agents will be the primary consumers of Ethereum blockspace by the 2030s. AIs have

August 1, 2023 2 mins read

South Korea’s Telecom Giant KT to Invest $5.3B in AI by 2027

South Korean telecom giant KT, previously known as Korea Telecom, has announced its intention to spend $5.3 billion (7 trillion won) in AI service research and development spanning over the next five years. Thus, solidifying its position as a forerunner in the area amid the AI industry’s fast expansion. KT

June 24, 2023 2 mins read

Japanese Officials Tighten Stance on AI Data Harvesting

After being alerted by the country’s local privacy agency about ChatGPT’s data harvesting tactics, Japanese officials have begun tightening their attitude against artificial intelligence (AI). In a statement released on June 2nd, Japan’s Personal Information Protection Commission requested that OpenAI reduce the amount of sensitive data it gathers for machine

June 2, 2023 1 min read

AI Chatbot ‘Talk2Satoshi’ Reawakens Satoshi Nakamoto

As AI spreads its wings across various domains, the crypto industry finds itself increasingly under its watchful gaze. Two artificial intelligence enthusiasts have developed an AI chatbot called “Talk2Satoshi” that seeks to recreate the experience of conversing with Bitcoin’s creator, Satoshi Nakamoto. “Talk2Satoshi” is based on OpenAI’s ChatGPT model and

June 1, 2023 2 mins read

Michael Saylor and Michelle Makori Uncover the Crypto Solution to AI Cyber Threats

Esteemed business tycoon Michael Saylor recently conversed profoundly with Michelle Makori, discussing critical cybersecurity issues. They explored the escalating risks of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Moreover, the potential of cryptographic solutions built upon Bitcoin to combat these threats. My discussion with @MichelleMakori covering the threats to our cybersecurity from AI, cryptographic

May 28, 2023 2 mins read

Revolutionizing Through Blockchain: AI Crypto Projects Spearhead Transformation

The cryptocurrency market is ripe for opportunity thanks to the marriage of AI and blockchain technology. Two exciting initiatives that use AI and blockchain technology to revolutionize their respective industries are SingularityNET and Avorak AI.  SingularityNET Coin: Putting the Muscle Behind the Blockchain-Based AI Marketplace SingularityNET is a blockchain-based, artificial

May 27, 2023 3 mins read

JPMorgan Unveils a Newer AI-Powered Investment Advisor

In a significant move forward for artificial intelligence (AI) in financial services, JPMorgan has announced the development of a new AI service reminiscent of OpenAI‘s ChatGPT. According to reports, the novel service, dubbed “IndexGPT,” will provide investment advice and select securities, potentially displacing traditional financial advisors. JPMorgan is developing a

May 27, 2023 2 mins read

Top Performing AI-Based Cryptocurrencies

The convergence of artificial intelligence (AI) and cryptocurrency has created a captivating fusion within the financial realm. With the constant advancement of AI technology, it has seamlessly integrated into the cryptocurrency industry. Consequently, it facilitates more intelligent decision-making, heightened security measures, and refined trading strategies. In this article, we focus

May 26, 2023 2 mins read

Google Cloud Unveils A3 GPU Supercomputer with RNDR Integration, Revolutionizing AI and Content Production

Google Cloud has unveiled the highly anticipated A3 GPU supercomputer, a cutting-edge technology that will reshape the landscape of machine learning and digital content production. This next-generation supercomputer, powered by cutting-edge NVIDIA H100 GPUs and seamlessly integrated with RNDR (Render Token), promises unparalleled advancements in AI and rendering workflows. The

May 20, 2023 2 mins read