Solana Killer Aptos (APT) Has Grown by 28.5% To $6.7 in a Day

  • Aptos (APT) price has surged 28.5% to $6.7.
  • APT is only 34.87% away from retesting a peak price of $10.25.

Over the past 24hours Solana Killer Aptos (APT) is one of the best-performing altcoins. To note, the price of APT has surged 28.5% to $6.7. More so, the Solana Killer project has an energetic global community and active developers. 

Meta’s (formerly Facebook’s) Diem blockchain engineers independently developed Move, a Rust-based smart contract programing language, as part of its Aptos Proof-of-Stake (PoS) blockchain protocol. 

Aptos, known for its versatility, is slowly emerging as a viable alternative to Ethereum. APT has a high price performance despite its proximity to its all-time high (ATH), making it one of the best-performing altcoins. 

Aptos (APT) Only 34.87% Away From Peak Level

A peak price of $10.25 was reached three months ago, and Aptos is only 34.87% away from retesting this level.

APT/USDT Price Chart (Source: TradingView)

With the popularity of the APT coin and the growing utility of the blockchain protocol, the Aptos token’s growth is notably fueled. With its relatively new status as a blockchain protocol, Aptos has managed to raise awareness of its capabilities and expand its integrations. 

Aptos was the most discussed altcoin in its community, according to the decentralized finance trading platform, Onus Finance. In addition to its goal to empower an ecosystem of dApps to solve real-world user problems, this revelation complements the protocol’s goal of presenting itself as ready for Web 3.0.

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