Sneakmart Launches New Line of Mysterious NFT Sneakers-MetaKicks

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Many clothing and sneaker companies are taking advantage of the young NFT market to create eye-catching collections for their devoted customers. Due to their rarity and high market value, NFT shoes have become sought-after items in recent years. For-profit collectors and enthusiasts buy and resell these limited-edition shoes.

French streetwear app Sneakmart, with the introduction of Metakicks, a collection of enigmatic NFT shoes in boxes, has now given sneaker fanatics another chance to purchase a pair of limited-edition sneakers. Sneakmart will use supply/demand and the uniqueness of digital collectibles to entice clients and speed up the adoption of NFTs.

Digital Sneaker Collectors

It’s a prestige symbol to possess a limited-edition pair of NFT shoes. Some collectors choose to preserve theirs in storage rather than wear them right away. To maximize earnings, they sell their highly sought-after collection on the secondary market for up to ten times its original retail price.

Sneakmart’s Metakicks are a response to this need. The Streetwear brand’s goal, as per CEO Anthony Debrant to provide a collection of visually stunning digital sneakers.

Anthony said:

“Sneaker addicts love to collect and wear a lot of sneakers. Everyone loves sneakers today, everyone wears them. With Metakicks, we want to give the opportunity to start collecting digital sneakers through unique designs.”

The mystery box is a new concept for the digital fashion industry. Because Metakicks is much less expensive than other digital shoes on the primary market, Sneakmart is banking on raising awareness of the Streetwear app and enticing non-crypto fans to join the business.

Intriguing Designs -Metakick

With 625 pairs of shoes in 6,250 boxes, the Sneakmart team claims that each pair is made from 15 distinct 3D animated designs, each with a unique backdrop that allows its wearer to stand out amongst others. A long history of buying, trading, and collecting digital pairings motivated the creation of all of the pairs.

In addition, certain celebrities’ personal shoe collections have been documented, like Ivory Coast football great Didier Drogba. The boxes will be filled with random designs based on their rarity. Also, Sneakmart plans to engage with celebrities and companies to develop a limited edition Metakick.

It’s not only about becoming a Metakicks owner. Those who possess Metakicks will participate in the development of Sneakmart. This NFT can also be used in the metaverse. Sneakmart will be selling Metakicks online. The public auction in February 2022 or the whitelist sale, where the buyer will be getting a mystery box and exciting discount in the same month, are the only two options available to buyers.

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