Shibu Inu Surges to 500% – Inspired by Meme-Based Crypto

Now Pay Your AMC Movie Tickets with SHIB & DOGE!
  • Many small-cap cryptocurrencies are acquiring market caps in millions.
  • Dogecoin’s rapid price rise has fueled by Elon Musk.
  • Shiba Inu also has a decentralized exchange called “Shiba Swap”.

Since late 2017, many small-cap cryptocurrencies are acquiring market cap in millions of dollars, without any valuable reason.

Initially, Dogecoin created as a joke, but now its value surges to a market cap of about $100 Billion. Dogecoin’s rapid convention value has fueled by Elon Musk’s regular tweets about DOGE and set as the host for the SNL show titled “The Dogefather”. As a result, meme-based cryptocurrency value raise has given the blind trust to many other useless tokens which deploy every day in exchanges like Solana and Binance Smart Coin.

Huge Profits on Replicas

Shibu Inu(SHIB) also has a decentralized exchange called “Shiba Swap”, which hasn’t even launched yet, still, users continued buying it. Moreover, SHIB token has raised to 500% within a week, with no fundamental item excluding enormous hype in purchase volume.

Additionally, the website peruses that it’s proposed to be “Dogecoin Killer” and gives hope to people that they can hold in billions or trillions of tokens. Many replica coins gained profit but the majority of coins often end up popping whereas WRAFT INU – inspired by DOGE on BSC is steeped down to 95% from its greater value.

More so, it’s unpredictable to judge the market cycles where most coins with no fundamentals or valid use cases are driven towards zero.

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