Shibarium Layer 2 Network to Be Delivered on Time

  • Shibarium layer 2 network will use and accept only BONE for transactions.
  • BONE trading at $1.09 now, attained a market value of over $1.4 on Jan 6th.

Shiba Inu ecosystem is declaring back-to-back updates about all of its products like the Shibarium beta network, public release of certain parts of code on GitHub, and so on. One such recent update is, transactions going to take place over the yet-to-release Shibarium network will burn the SHIB tokens.

The last update received over the Shibarium layer 2 network was BONE as the one and only usage and gas fees cryptocurrency. Further, this impacted BONE’s price surge. The token was trading at $0.9 and attained a market value of over $1.4 on Jan 6th. 

Shiba Inu Status

The 2023 start has brought in various new memecoin, for example, BONK, which had a revolutionizing surge of over 5000%. Market speculation created by the token made few think it may take positions next to DOGE or SHIB. Which, was not the case in reality, as the token had no real-life utility attached to it.

The release of the network is foreseen by the Shiba community, as the launch of the game Shiba Eternity has created a huge noise in the crypto market. In the update declaration tweet by the Shibarium network, the representatives of the team mention “We are focused in delivery at this time”.

Any latest updates in the project, do have a direct influence on the price and the circulation volume of the token. Similarly, the present burn statistics are also not very satisfactory to the community members. In the last 24 hrs, over 5 million SHIB were burned as per

Shiba Inu is now listed on the centralized crypto exchange, TeraExchange. The craze over meme and fame coins is never-ending in the crypto market. Especially on the ones which are evolving and expanding day by day.

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