SelfWealth Partners With ASX To Add Crypto Investment

SelfWealth Partners With ASX To Add Crypto Investment

The largest online broker SelfWealth partners with the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) to add cryptocurrencies on its platform by the end of 2021. It also enables the active users to trade the assets on its portal. 

SelfWealth Partners with ASX

SelfWealth is the Australian share trading platform that empowers the investors to trade smarter without any brokerage fees. Today, the trading company happily announces  the partnership with cryptocurrency exchange (ASX). It  offers the access to the digital assets to the active Australian investors on the platform. 

Moreover, the collaboration with the crypto exchange platform enhances the Selfwealth to experience a new transformation. It is the transition from a share trading  platform to a wealth creation platform. As per the announcement, SelfWealth plans to add 10 more cryptocurrencies on its platform to buy and sell the assets. The addition of new cryptos include the top cryptocurrency, Bitcoin and the second largest crypto, Ethereum

Further, the trading company considers to integrate these plans by the end of the year with an external wallet. This supports the investors to access the crypto in a safe and secure manner with low brokerage fees as well. 

The CEO of SelfWealth shares, 

“Being able to buy and sell crypto as well as trade local and U.S.-based shares using the ASX’s Clearing House Electronic Subregister System, or CHESS, on the same platform would be an “Australian first.”

In addition, he states that the Australians show more interest in cryptocurrencies. And thereby looks out for a trusable platform to facilitate their investment decisions. Before the partnership, SelfWealth conducted a survey among 3500 customers about cryptocurrency trading. As per the data, 30% of the respondents already have crypto investments and 38% of respondents are eager to invest in crypto assets. 

Thus, with positive feedback and the interest in crypto for the public enabled the company to offer crypto investments for all the active users. Therefore, despite all crypto scams, the Australian Securities and Investments Commission waves a green signal for the local cryptocurrency industry.

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