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Sean Culkin: First NFL Player To Convert His Entire Salary Into BTC

Sean Culkin: First NFL Player To Convert His Entire Salary Into BTC Bitcoin News
  • Sean Culkin will be paid $920,000 as his salary in Bitcoin via Strike by Zap.
  • Culkin tweeted as “Bitcoin is the future of finance”.
  • He isn’t the first player to get into crypto news.

If Sean Culkin makes it into the list of Kansas City Chiefs this season, then he will be the first NFL player to receive his entire salary in Bitcoin.

Culkin, who is a rivalry to be backup behind Travis Kelce, would be paid his salary of $920,000 from Kansas City Chiefs which will be converted into Bitcoin via Strike by Zap application.

Sean Culkin Tweeted saying “Bitcoin is the future of finance”, which shows his belief and interest in the crypto world. Additionally, he mentioned that he had an interest in finance and economics since his days in Missouri.

More so, he revealed how he was exposed to his dad’s philosophies on what made gold the best investment. In addition, Culkin said that “There’s a lot of overlap between gold and Bitcoin”.

Moreover, he started to realize the growth of crypto and saw its exponential growth rate. So, he wanted to compensate his service in football with Bitcoin.

Zap CEO Jack Mallers stated

“Professional athletes today operate as independent businesses… We’re excited to help facilitate the growing intersection between sports and finance by converting his entire NFL salary to Bitcoin”

Culkin Wasn’t the First Player To Invest In BTC

In December, Carolina Panthers lineman Russell Okung stated that he would invest about half of his salary into Bitcoin.

Furthermore, Quarterback Trevor Lawrence announced that he has signed an endorsement deal with the FTX-owned investing app Blockfolio and has been paid with an undisclosed cryptocurrency.

Like Okung, Culkin will also get his salary paid in dollars before stepping into the service of automatically converting salary into cryptocurrency.

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