Reef Chain Awarded the Most Promising Web 3.0 of 2022

Reef Chain Awarded the Most Promising Web 3.0 of 2022
  • Reef Chain was awarded the most promising Web 3.0 ecosystem of 2022 by MEBA.
  • Addresses to become the best possible Web 3.0 for a billion users.
  • Bybit awarded as the best NFT marketplace for 2022.

The Middle East Blockchain Awards (MEBA) are one of the most anticipated crypto, and blockchain events in the crypto industry prevailing throughout the global world market place, United Arab Emirates. With the hype of the Abu Dhabi Finance Week ending on the same very day as the MEBA, the entire event catapulted to greater extents compared to the previous years. 

In respect to all this, the MEBA has awarded the Reef Chain as the ‘Most Promising Web 3.0 Ecosystem Interface of 2022’. Many awards followed, and some of the notable ones were for the Bybit, being awarded as the ‘Best marketplace for NFT buyings in 2022’. 

True Epitome of Reef Chain

The Reef is actually a blockchain dedicated to Decentralized Finance (DeFi), which is at the same time EVM compatible too. The Reef chain is indeed completely focused as a Web 3.0 interface on the whole. 

Also, the Reef Chain amazes to be very fast with its transactions, with reduced transaction costs, owing to being faster, better, and way more economical Web 3.0 blockchain. On the whole the Reef Chain combines both On-Chain Management, and with a Substrate Framework upon its construction.

The REEF is the native token for the platform, and is used for all sorts of finance based services like trading, liquidity mining, staking, investments, and much more.  Moreover, the Reef Chain combines, and allows to integrate both DeFi, and the Dapps, all together updated directly without any forks upon its blockchain. 

The Reef is indeed one of the most futuristic Web 3.0 chain, as it allows and combines integration and unity of all most all sorts of latest blockchain techs like on-chain upgradability, libp2p networking, Proof-of-STake consensus, EVM extendability, and cutting-edge cryptography. 

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