Binance CZ Rocks Abu Dhabi Finance Week!

Binance CZ Rocks Abu Dhabi Finance Week!
  • CZ participated in the Abu Dhabi Finance Week.
  • CZ signed about 8 investment deals in the day.
  • Secures Financial Services Permission from Abu Dhabi’s FSRA.

The Abu Dhabi Finance Week has been one of the most anticipated fintech events upon the final quarter of 2022. In spite of the huge anticipation, and gathering throughout the week, either it be the crypto firms, the finance based firms, and even the media, all together had their day on November 11th, 2022. 

Being the third day of the event, CEO of Binance, Changpeng Zhao (CZ) took the event to an entirely whole new level. He spiced up the entire one week event in just a day. For the day CZ made many announcements, signed numerous deals, and also secured Financial Services Permission from the Abu Dhabi government’s Financial Services Regulatory Authority (FSRA).

CZ Highlights for the Day  

For all those who managed to attend the third day of the Abu Dhabi Finance Week, would have been quite an awe. As CZ took over the stage, the eagerness among the crowd blew up.

 Owing to the recent controversies with plunging down the FTX exchange, many negative aura surrounded the entire crypto industry. However, CZ managed to thrash all by many announcements down the lane. 

Starting with BNB, CZ states that the entire Binance will be concentrating more on the platform’s native token. He adds that there will be a line of upgrades, and surprising announcements that will all take BNB to greater heights than it has ever reached. 

The next in line is CZ signing up about eight different projects. All different from one another, CZ states that these projects tend to have a lot of potential, and tokens of them will skyrocket evidently. Moreover, he will be directly financing all these eight projects.

The major big break is with Abu Dhabi’s Financial Services Regulatory Authority (FSRA). Binance has managed to acquire Financial Services Permission from the FSRA. In such terms, Binance would now be able to carry out all sorts of financial services officially in Abu Dhabi. 

In addition to all this, CZ openly thrashed Bloomberg media for posting articles without any value, and with fake and false contents. Besides, he also hinted that the crypto market will gradually rise up, and that Binance will be at the service of the regulators to make a better market. 

With all this done in just a single day, CZ indeed shooed away the negative aura surrounding the industry, and strived hard for a positive aspect for everyone.

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