Wed, May 22

R. Kiyosaki is Holding Up for BTC to Attain $20K Low

R. Kiyosaki is Holding Up for BTC to Attain $20K Low Bitcoin News
  • Kiyosaki expects BTC to hit a bottom as low as $17K to $11K.
  • Kiyosaki believes dips are a situation to gain profit and BTC will bounce back.

Robert Kiyosaki, financial education advocate and author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad book, awaits the further crash of Bitcoin. Previously, Kiyosaki expected the downfall to reach $17K but in yesterday’s tweet, it can be seen that the bottom he predicts is $11K. 

R. Kiyosaki tweet:

In his earlier tweets on May 12, he explains why investments during dips are better options. He also believes that gain is what is earned while buying rather than selling. He also mentioned that once the BTC hits rock bottom, he will make the investment to support the coin and that will prove to be more profitable to individuals too. 

Kiyosaki Support to BTC

Kiyosaki’s support can be seen explicitly while following his interviews and tweets, in march he stated that the crypto market will undergo a black swan event but the Russia-Ukraine war will promote cryptos to be more secure than the traditional currency.  

During a discussion with Jeff Wang on the YouTube channel, Kiyosaki conveys that the downfall has affected both the stock and cryptocurrency market, which proves that crash is undeniably from external factors not because of the crypto environment.

Kiyosaki States:

 “everybody says crypto is in a bear market or Bitcoin is in a bear market, so is the stock market and so is the bond market.”

On may 11, he also tweeted as a Q&A, will Bitcoin win? He was certain that Bitcoin will bounce back because he trusts it more than the 3 henchmen of America, namely The President, Secretary of the Treasury, and Fed Chairman. 

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