Phishing Over Indian Crypto Exchange CoinDCX Twitter Account

Phishing Over Indian Crypto Exchange CoinDCX Twitter Account
  • CoinDCX’s Twitter account was hacked by an unknown hacker and promoted XRP.
  • The hacked account used Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse’s images to gain trust.

An Indian cryptocurrency exchange CoinDCX is a new victim of phishing. Unknown hackers briefly took control of CoinDCX’s Twitter account to tweet scam links to promoting XRP giveaways. The cryptocurrency exchange has more than 230k Twitter followers.

Hackers encouraged users to click on suspicious links as part of the standard “giveaway scam.” Also, in the tweet, they announced 100.000.000 XRP giveaways to support the XRP community. There is no way of knowing how many people were victimized by the recent hack because the issue has been partially fixed.

Furthermore, to gain new or naive users’ trust, the hackers replaced the CoinDCX profile image, name, and description with those of Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse. Also, it has a verified check mark.

After a few hours, the crypto exchange revealed that it is attempting to get back the CoinDCX Twitter handle. Also, CoinDCX advised users to not click on any links and messages. Moreover, the exchange started an investigation into the suspicious activity. 

Following that, CoinDCX care tweeted;

Hackers Targeting Twitter Accounts

Crypto-related crimes have increased as a result of the rise in cryptocurrency usage. Most scammers continue hacking Twitter accounts, the largest source of cryptocurrency-related updates. 

Earlier this month, the Twitter account of PwC Venezuela was compromised and used to promote a fraudulent cryptocurrency giveaway. The phishing account advertised a false Ripple event that utilized Garlinghouse’s photos as their profile and posted that the website offered free XRP.

On the same day, a South Korean government-owned official YouTube account was troubled by an Elon Musk giveaway fraud. The account was hacked, renamed SpaceX Invest, and started posting false videos of Musk discussing cryptocurrencies.

The hackers went one step more and hacked Tamil Nadu Electricity Minister V. Senthil Balaji Twitter account on September 5. The short hack encourages users to use cryptocurrency and appears with the unique name “Variorius.”

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