PEPE Hype Fades Out, Will BEN Be the Next Alternative for Investors?

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  • New memecoin BEN is facing a logo issue, which is confusing investors.
  • BEN coin price surged over 230% in just 7 days.

The “frenzy over the meme coins,” which frequently feature animals like cats and dogs, has not yet ended, as their presence in the cryptocurrency zone has spiked. A recent new player, Ben (BEN), emerged in the memecoin season and grabbed crypto investors’ attention with its significant price performance so far. 

Will BEN Continue Its Wave in the Market?

BEN Coin is the most recent project to make waves in the rapidly evolving meme coin niche, as the hype over the PEPE coin seems to be at an end. Crypto influencer Ben Armstrong, also known as “BitBoy Crypto,” is a strong supporter of the BEN token. Further, $BEN is attaining new all-time highs every day, despite only being introduced a few weeks ago. 

Due to its success, $BEN was listed on MEXC on May 12, one of the biggest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world, which led to a slight price hike. This is nothing compared to the “bullish wave” that occurred over the last 7 days, which climbed about 230%. 

Recently, the altcoin recorded an all-time high on May 26 of $0.0000002725, according to CoinMarketCap. Also, early BEN Coin investors have reaped substantial rewards, ranging from hundreds to even millions of dollars.

On the other hand, Ben Coin’s official Twitter account hasn’t posted anything since May 11 besides retweeting Ben Armstrong, the creator of the BitBoy Crypto YouTube channel. The retweeted post disclosed that Armstrong would be taking over control from ben.eth, the project’s original creator.

Ben (BEN) Price Chart (Source: CoinMarketCap)

However, while Bitboy and BEN Army were promoting the meme token, two additional similar projects with the “same logo” appeared on the market. That confused the traders. Despite this, the BEN price today declined by around 20%. 

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