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Parami Protocol Seals $3M Funding To Boost Data Privacy on Blockchain

Parami Protocol Seals $3M Funding To Boost Data Privacy on Blockchain Blockchain News

Parami Protocol is one of the pioneers in blockchain personal data space and privacy protocol. It is to guarantee the complete ownership of personal identification and data users. Speaking on the current round of financing, GBV co-founder Leslie has shown support for the privacy objectives of Parami.

A Web3 advertising protocol – Parami recently has completed a $3 million financing process to enhance data privacy on blockchain and other Web 3.0 platforms.

Furthermore, AD 3.0 is a blockchain-powered, human-centred and privacy-preservative network. Moreover, users are intelligently rewarded for attention and data. At the same time, their autonomous identity is safe and secure on trust-free terms.

Accordingly. Parami Protocol suggested an AD 3.0 blockchain-driven paradigm for Web 3.0. It offers a protocol stack for the construction of a tokenized user-centred advertising economy. As a parachain constructed on substrates, used by the relaychain for all the other parachains in Polkadot/Kusama.

Web 3.0 Ecosystem

Several renowned blockchain investors, including NGC Ventures, CMS Holdings, Genesis Block Ventures, participated in the fundraising round (GBV). In addition, participants included the Digital Finance Group, the Genblock Capital Group, Signum Capital, Axia8 Ventures, Spark Digital Capital, the Digital Renaissance and YBB Foundation.

Furthermore, many important participants stated their motives for their investments. Jack Lu, NGC Ventures Managing Director, stated,

“Parami is a crucial player in the Web 3.0 ecosystem. We believe their strong team and groundbreaking tech will bring about a better version of the internet, and we want to support the development of such a powerful project.”

In addition, Dan Matuszewski, CMS Holdings CEO, referred to Parami’s trust-free protocol as a critical step to increase worldwide Web 3.0 acceptance rates.

Parami states that it would develop data protection methods. Furthermore, improve user control over data and identity and boost acquisition with USD 3 million in funding. The Parami team further stated that extra funds are committed to creating an ideal paradigm for Web 3.0 (AD 3.0) as suggested by Parami Protocol.

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