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What We Can Learn From The Top Crypto Thefts and Hacks of 2021

Blockchain tech and smart contracts are increasingly being used to build decentralized applications (dApps). However, these dApps are often exploited

1 year ago 6 mins read

Top 3 Metaverse Coins to Watch Out in December

A social-integrated Avatar NFT was launched by Torum SocialFi. Sidus NFT Heroes is the first MMORPG based on the Ethereum

1 year ago 2 mins read

Audius: Top Crypto Gainer of the Day

Artists must connect their Audius accounts to Phantom wallet. Audius’s embed function makes NFT metadata available for artists. Audius (AUDIO)

1 year ago 2 mins read

AscendEX Lists Stratos

AscendEX is thrilled to announce the Listing of Stratos token (STOS) under the trading pair (STOS/USDT) on Nov 23  at

1 year ago 3 mins read

The Top 5 Gainers in the BSC Ecosystem in the Last 30 Days

YEL token is a governance token used for proposals and voting. Torum is a SocialFi Metaverse Ecosystem. While Bitcoin is

1 year ago 3 mins read

Subsocial Launches Crowdloan Auction for Kusama Parachain Slot Bid ​

Subsocial, the social network for the Polkadot ecosystem, is thrilled to announce it will be bidding for one of the

1 year ago 4 mins read

SubSocial Announces Its Bid For Parachain Slot On Kusama

SubSocial announces that it will be bidding for one of Kusama’s coveted parachain spaces. As a result, SubSocial also invites

1 year ago 2 mins read

Portal and Ankr Announce Strategic Partnership to Boost DeFi Adoption

Portal, a true cross-chain DEX that makes atomic swaps between Bitcoin and other digital assets fast, secure, and private, is

1 year ago 3 mins read

Automata Network Introduces Mainnet, Unveils $20 Million Ecosystem Incentive Program

Additional functionality will be unlocked as the network progresses through its phases. This protocol is based on Conveyor, a middleware

1 year ago 2 mins read

Polkadot Launches Decentralized Branding Project-Community to Vote

The Polkadot network empowers its users to choose their destiny. The Polkadot on-chain brand vote introduction is a significant project

1 year ago 2 mins read