One Day Left For Long Awaited Cardano Vasil Hard Fork

Cardano Successfully Completes the Vasil Hard Fork
  • The long-awaited update will roll out over the course of five days.
  • In the future, Vasil will improve several facets of the Cardano blockchain.

The Vasil hard fork for Cardano has arrived. The long-awaited update to the Layer 1 blockchain will roll out over the course of five days, beginning tomorrow and concluding on September 27.

Cardano co-founder Charles Hoskinson stated:

“We don’t anticipate there will be any issues, but there’s no going back now. No amount of testing or anything can save us because [the] rocket’s in the air. It either explodes in air or reaches orbit, and obviously it’s going to reach orbit.”

Highly Awaited by the Community

In the future, Vasil will improve several facets of the Cardano blockchain. Vasil will let Cardano apps become “faster and more sophisticated,” making the blockchain simpler to build upon and enhance the user experience, as stated in a blog post by Cardano developer of Input Output Hong Kong (IOHK). The network’s scalability will increase, and transaction costs will go down.

Vasil is Cardano’s most important upgrade, according to IOHK. Initially planned for June 29, the hard fork was postponed twice to allow for further testing and the implementation of fixes.

Adam Dean, a developer on the Cardano blockchain, recently said that the testnet was “catastrophically broken” because of an incompatibility with the most recent client software. Dean hypothesized that IOHK’s hasty rollout of Vasil may have been to blame for the glitch. After sharing his finding, he said, “If there were a “nuclear clock” for Cardano we got perilously close to hitting “midnight.'”

Cardano supporters will undoubtedly be pleased with the Vasil launch, but the network’s ADA coin has shown little reaction before time. According to CMC, its price has dropped over the last 24 hours from $0.45 to $0.44, a decrease of 0.4%. The September 2021 high for ADA was 85.6% lower than the current price.

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