OKB Price Up-surges Over 18 Percent In the Last 24-Hours

OKB Price Up-surges Over 18 Percent In the Last 24-Hours
  • OKEx is comparable to Binance in many ways.
  • The OKB coin is vital to the OKEx ecosystem.

The OK Blockchain Foundation and OKEx, a Maltese crypto exchange, launched OKB. The exchange is one of the world’s biggest and offers a broad range of trading pairs. OKEx is comparable to Binance in many ways, but there are several significant distinctions. OKEx offers its cloud mining service and focuses on offering customers options trading. Meanwhile, Binance aims to provide worldwide crypto services.

This is the OKEx utility token that grants access to the exchange’s unique features. For example, owning OKB allows users to vote and control the platform and get rewards. The OKB coin is vital to the OKEx ecosystem. It enables consumers to save up to 40% on transactions (depending on the number of tokens a user has).

The exchange classifies users as ordinary or VIP. Regular users receive levels based on their OKB stock, whereas VIP users get based on their trading volume. The commissions are adjusted daily, and users are rewarded based on their level.

OKEx Jumpstart Platform

Platform users may earn passive income if they own OKB tokens and participate in OKEx Earn. The OKB token is also used to finance the OKEx Jumpstart platform. After registering on the site, sales are conducted via MixTrust.

OKB is an OKExChain native asset, the OKEx blockchain. In addition to facilitating spot and derivative trading, the OKB token allows for the simultaneous creation of many scalable applications. A layered design also enhances scalability and security.

OKEx burns tokens every three months to increase value to OKB and make it more appealing to holders. OKEX uses 30% of commission revenue for this process. New users also get welcome incentives. According to CoinMarketCap, the OKB price today is $19.44 USD with a 24-hour trading volume of $568,352,755 USD. The price has gained more than 18 percent in the last 24-hours.

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