Officials State Elon Musk Twitter Deal Proceeds as Planned

Officials State Elon Musk Twitter Deal Proceeds as Planned
  • Twitter confirms that the Musk deal is on track for its employees.
  • Musk claims that he thinks about Twitter only <5% time.

Vijaya Gadde, Twitter’s top lawyer and head of policy, clarified to the twitter employees at an “all-hands” meeting that the deal with Elon musk is in process and no halt has been placed on it. After the report published by Parag Agarwal, CEO of Twitter, on May 16th regarding bot/spam accounts and the methods employed to rectify them, Elon replied back with controversial emoji, and raised concerns about advertisers. 

After this incident, many individuals had differences of opinion on the Twitter deal, and no official statement was made by the company. Some were that the billionaire wanted to decrease the amount agreed for sale, others said it was just made to grab the media attention. 

Musk is someone who showcases and projects new innovation, this can be seen from his support of the cryptocurrency Dogecoin.  The intention expressed by Elon in the twitter purchase for $44 billion was to encourage freedom of speech and to “clean up” twitter. 

In a podcast meet on may 16th, he mentions that twitter has more spam accounts then the one that is stated by officials and for him its like buying a house that is promised to have less termites but turns out to have unacceptable number of termites.

Tweets by Musk

Musk is known for entertaining tweets relating to the current global scenarios, so after the criticism of him being obsessed with twitter and bot issues, he tweeted the following.

Musk tweeted:

This depicts his dissatisfaction on twitter on the number of bots and twitter being irrational to this concern.

At the start of the day, musk clarified that he is not being obsessed with twitter, rather he thinks about it only <5% of the time, which seems to be mocking Parag’s statement about <5% bots present in the twitter.

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