NFT Continues To Break Record Sales Hitting $1 Billion In August-End

NFT Continues To Break Record Sales Hitting $1 Billion In August-End

NFT has extremely grown in popularity as well as in terms of adoption. NFT users are rising in number and investors are rushing towards NFT. The NFT sales says it all about its evolution since the start of this year. Non-fungible tokens almost hit $2.5 billion in the first half of the year 2021.

Significantly, NFT sales continue to break its past record sales. The last week statistics of August displays that NFT sales have hit $1 billion and this week shows $821 million in NFT sales. According to, 7-day sales have surpassed the all-time high (ATH) of $1 billion in total sales across all markets and NFT collections.

Moreover, the data from September 1, shows that the sales touched over $821 million in this week. Cryptopunks were the top selling NFT for the past week, reports week chart. It has achieved $246 million in volume and surged to 7.32 within a week.

Following the, Mutant Ape Yacht Club (MAYC) holds the second position in terms of largest collection of NFT in volume. It achieved $210 million in trade volume during the week. The third-largest collection in volume is “The Loot for Adventures” which attained $150 million in seven days.

Top NFT collections in volume

OpenSea Tops The List of NFT Marketplace

In terms of trade volume, Axie Infinity holds the fourth place in the list following The Loot of Adventures. The fifth-largest volume in the NFT collection is Art Blocks which saw $144 million in a week. 

According to, the chart shows that the top NFT marketplace is OpenSea. Axie Infinity follows OpenSea, being the second top NFT marketplace which is a successful gaming platform. The other NFT marketplace on the list follows as SuperRare, Hic et nunc, NBA Top Shot and Rarible.

Consequently, during the last 24-hours, the top NFT sale is Bag #748 from The Loot for Adventures which was sold for $945K or 250 ETH.  Then, Bored Ape Yacht Club #17 follows Bag #748, which got sold for $755k or 200 ETH. Following that the list continues with AI Generated Nude Portrait, Fidenza #167, Wave 2, and CryptoPunk #6622.

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