Apple Store Opens Gates to NFTs

Apple Store Opens Gates to NFTs

Seems the much-awaited news for the decade is finally out now! Yes, the American multinational technology and electronic company so far have been harsh towards non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and blockchain technology. They have been restricting them profusely upon lending their support through accessing their apps upon their App store. Now, recently Apple Inc, announced officially that the App store restrictions will be loosened up. 

Apple’s Decisions

Let’s not waste any of your time in giving a briefing or introduction to Apple Inc, as the whole world knows what it is. And so, skipping it, Apple’s App store has always been so restricted in allowing only major apps support, neglecting the ones from new and minor developers. 

Accordingly, this has made many apple users not able to get their hands on many of the blockchain technology attributes like blockchain gaming and NFTs. This issue has been going on till now since 2019. 

However, by the end of August, Apple Inc brought the news out that they will be loosening their restrictions for their App store. Moreover, seeking a profuse business opportunity Apple Inc settles with a legal settlement of about $100 million in allowing small developers applications based on NFTs and blockchain games into its App Store. 

On the other hand, now the consumers and the developers could move to other payment means rather than the Apple stores charges. Also, now this will enable developers to save a 30% fee charge of the total value for an app bought through the Apple App store IOS apps.  

Views of the Supporters

Everyone among the developers and the blockchain industry, mainly focussing the NFT sector have all got ecstatic upon Apple’s App store news. In spite of all this, many put forth their views in support of this.

Accordingly an NFT investor, Mateen Soudager states Apple in allowing the consumers to pay directly to the developers without any interference and upon their App store is quite an extraordinary decision. Also, he terms this as big news for the NFT industry.  

In spite of all this, he terms the NFT sector will be witnessing huge surges and the following year even more due to Apple’s final agreements. 

In addition, the CEO of MyMetaverse Simon Kertonegoro states this lawsuit won by the NFT over Apple is an epic landmark case. Accordingly, he mentions that the future is all about NFTs being sold upon all platforms, games, websites, and apps. And so, the consumers would want to indulge in the NFTs through their IOS apps on their Apple devices. 

Furthermore, Kertonegoro acknowledges that it’s a big step for the tech giant Apple in coming closer towards the support of NFT and the blockchain attributes.

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