NFT BAZL Continues at Gulf Blockchain Week in Dubai

NFT BAZL Continues at Gulf Blockchain Week in Dubai

The success of NFT BAZL has led the organizers to announce multiple events across the year and across the globe. After thousands of enthusiasts, investors, collectors, and artists attended the event at Miami’s prestigious venue The Temple House, NFT BAZL became a global brand dedicated to “bridging the gap between NFTs and the real world.” It has achieved this by combining NFT drops with physical exhibitions.

As a one of a kind NFT art exhibition, the event is able to bridge traditional art markets with NFTs and blockchain technology. These digital assets become representations of  both physical and digital art as well as jewelry, sports memorabilia, and even cars that can be purchased via credit card, bank transfers, or crypto payments on the Ethereum blockchain

Blockchain firm and wealth management platform Elitium, digital asset leader GDA Capital, and the prestigious curator EO Art Concierge will reprise their roles as organizers for the newly announced NFT BAZL Dubai. The same global audience that was introduced to the potential of NFTs for disrupting the artworld will be treated to an improved version of the event at the city’s JW Marriott Marquis during Gulf Blockchain Week. Local partners will also have access to unique opportunities in the emerging asset class.

Elitium Founder and CEO Raoul Milhado reflected on the NFT BAZL’s growing importance:

“As the digital world continues to evolve, we are confident that NFT BAZL will become a staple in the art sector. We are combining NFT technology to bring digital and physical art to the traditional investor and collector. This, along with the participation of world-class artists has been a crucial ingredient to our secret sauce.”

GDA Group Co-Founder and CEO Michael Gord added:

Together with Elitium and EO Art Concierge, we’re pushing the envelope for blockchain adoption. We are excited to continue to bring NFTs to the mainstream audience and to push the boundaries of what’s possible by merging physical art, jewelry, sports memorabilia with digital assets.”

Starting October 11, on-site displays from famous artists as well as local female Arab artists will be able to receive bids from attendees. Some of these displays will include work from Simone D’Auria, Kilmany-Joe Liversage, Hijack, Gavin Rain, Gucci Ghost, Warbb, Mario Henrique, and Alea-pinar Du Pre. More so, the world renowned Art Angels have partnered up with NFT BAZL to showcase some of their top artists as NFTs continue to appeal to the traditional art world. 

There will also be a VIP reception, a panel speaker, special NFT drops, and a physical NFT gallery curated by the prestigious secondary art market specialist and EO Art Concierge Founder Estelle Ohayon who referred to the event’s potential:

“This kind of immersive art experience demonstrates the potential of NFTs for real world galleries and exhibitions. In Miami, we saw how talented artists can use the technology to create amazing works and we’re looking forward to taking this to Dubai. These are exciting times in art history.”

This new exhibition will count on NFT chips to authenticate physical masterpieces and NFT screens to display digital art. The works will be available for auction on Elitium’s in-app NFT marketplace, a platform that uses NFTs to verify the provenance of works and authenticity of masterpieces using state of the art NFT chips, ERC-721 tokens, and a secured custody solution.

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