• Data partner Careband moves from Helium to the German tech rising star, “MXC” and the MXProtocol, raising serious questions about Helium’s long-term strategy and network sustainability
  • Brand new innovative onboarding method “device provisioning” key driver behind MXC and the MatchX Miner “M2 Pro” success at attracting corporate interest
  • MXProtocol beats expectations, becoming the 1st data network to cover an entire country, the Netherlands. Proving the success of their POP Model and the multi-token miner coverage strategy

Careband, a formal partner of Helium, in a shock move, moves to the MXC data republic network, reigniting alarming concerns about Helium’s Proof of Coverage network. The concerns, originally highlighted on seem to not only be affecting miners, but with this move, it appears companies are less than impressed with their technical capabilities. Careband, a Chicago-based smart healthcare innovator, is partnering with MXC to drive their novel location and activity monitoring technology, using their IoT infrastructure to aid seniors who suffer from dementia, creating a safe environment to live a more fulfilling life. 

MatchX GmbH, a German tech innovator, with the world’s first multi-token miner, has revolutionized how smart IoT devices can be part of their data republic network. Their MXProtocol, centered on the Proof of Participation as a consensus mechanism, is claimed to be the world’s first decentralized, secure and peer-to-peer network, rewarding participants in a manner based on their individual and decentralized contribution in setting and scaling the global network. 

Reliability of Transmission of Data:

The innovative MXProtocol is based on a POP or proof of participation mining algorithm, where each node’s primary goal is to build a long-term, secure, and scalable data republic IoT network. The beauty of the protocol is that it does not rely on another node of the network to be in a close range to ensure the transmission of data packets, it is a unique decentralized mining concept, and doesn’t require the assistance of a partner hotspot, unlike helium’s model. 

Helium’s miner network is based on the  POC proof of coverage mechanism, where each node on the network is called a hotspot, showing the real location of the network. The POC model rewards these nodes based on the transmission and reliability of the network created by the people and sensors around them. In order to transmit data, the other hotspot needs to be within  300 meters range at most, or otherwise, the miner is limited to zero rewards, creating ongoing community anguish and dissatisfaction, leading to an unreliable network. This short range is often difficult in the busiest and most urban regions, thus adding to the already large questions surrounding the reliability and convenience of HNT’s network.

Simplification with Added Security

The recent development by MatchX on the Device Provisioning aspects and now integration with other IoT manufacturers, is a state-of-the-art development, as it simplifies the registration process to as simple as scanning a QR code. The device provisioning feature thus ensures the end-to-end encryption of all the data transmitted through their data republic network and indeed provides a simplification with added security. 

This adds to the overall network security, meaning the M2 Pro and the MXC MXProtocol ensure participation. Whereas “Helium miners have been allegedly witnessed to be siphoning HNT from legitimate users to the tune of thousands of HNT and unfortunatelydestroying the network. 

With this announcement, Careband has joined hands with MXC and MatchX to promote a rollout across Europe, where there were data security concerns, this deal alleviates such issues, as protection is a must for any provider, this allows Careband to easily expand their innovative healthcare solutions in that market.  To choose MXProtocol over HNT is due to the fact that the POC network continues to rely on manual API & DEF critical feeds, exposing the network to security breaches and allowing anyone with that access to exploit that sacred data. Now that’s a breach of privacy and a lot at stake, for any provider, especially in the case of Careband, where time-sensitive and crucial patient data is needed to be transmitted to ensure the security and health of the beloved patients. 

Data-Centric Decentralization

Decentralization is the primary reason behind the whole peer-to-peer network and its the essential criteria for any network to exist in the future. That said, the data republic network is empowered by the MXProtocol which creates decentralization mechanics by allowing their mining community to give network feasibility based on the participative elements over a huge radius, thus allowing any IoT provider to easily join and use the network to full capacity. 

Data Ecosystem VS Network

IoT – it’s not only about the network and devices, it also includes key elements regarding the reliability of DATA and its speedy and convenient transmission over the network.  Companies that can collect, analyze and utilize data will be frontrunning the market over other businesses. MatchX and MXC Foundation, partnering with leading blockchain and IoT enterprises, such as Polkadot and DataHighway, enables them to build an ecosystem where data is processed by M2 Pro miners and can be easily be stored on many blockchains and be accessed without any hustle whenever it’s needed.

CareBand realizes all the benefits of BigData in the Healthcare Industry, which helps them to strengthen purpose-built AI and machine learning capabilities in its products. Integrating multi-chain solutions will make the data transmitted by their devices not only more secure but also accessible to allow analytics at a significant scale. 

The Helium network only offers limited coverage for IoT devices over some areas, and no further analysis of data, which affects the reliability of the network. Moreover, Helium allows 3rd party manufacturers to utilize their software on very questionable devices, thus making one very conservative to adapt them as a coverage partner. Following that, the recent dispute with the latest partner COTE-X led to a huge scandal, scaring away many other potential partnerships.


MXC Foundation is quickly becoming a European IoT pioneer. The MXC/MatchX multi-token hardware mining combo has quickly become a sales monster in its recent year of existence, dominating various nations around the globe. The recent announcement of EdgeX AI Camera only highlights MatchX and MXC Foundation’s plans to become a company with a focus on data mining. 

In all aspects, the MXC tech platform outperforms its competitors by a fair margin. This has been possible through years of innovation and dedication towards providing a long-term, secure, and scalable data republic IoT network. Ready to avail the benefits of MXC? Get going because it’s always best to be with the one that constantly adapts to the industry needs and provides reliable service. 

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