MTI Co-Owner Repels Liquidation on Their 1600 Bitcoin (BTC) Scam

MTI Co-Owner Repels Liquidation on Their 1600 Bitcoin (BTC) Scam

The co-owner of MTI, Clayton Marks owns about 50% of the Mirror Trading Investment (MTI). He reluctantly repels and is defensive on the latest liquidation put upon MTI for their Bitcoin (BTC) scam.

The MTI BTC Scam

The Mirror Trading Investment (MTI) based in South Africa, is a cryptocurrency trading investment firm. Their main trading schemes are based mostly on Bitcoin (BTC). 

Speculations rose massively upon their Bitcoin (BTC) scam between 2019 and 2020. The scam accounted for about 1600 Bitcoins. Besides, all these 1600 BTCs acquired by MTI are based on funds sourced by the investors. MTI started this scam scheme marketing it as extreme high returns of 0.5% on daily basis on the investment by the investors. Also, depicting yearly gains of almost 500%. In addition, they portrayed their scheme and justified it showcasing the use of artificial intelligence-powered algorithm trading software sourced from exile. 

By the year 2020, MTI accumulated about 1600 BTCs and started to collapse before August 2020. By July 2020, the Texas State regulators officially announced that the MTI BTC scheme and overall MTI is a scam. Once branded a scam, the funds of the MTI platform of 1600 BTCs were transferred to a brand new FX trading platform. However, the MTI denies any such transfer of accounts. In Spite of this, complaints from the investors started to rise upon them being unable to withdraw their funds deposited. On the other hand, as soon as complaints started to flow in, the CEO of MTI, Johann Steynberg disappeared and went anonymous. 

Nevertheless, citing all this, the MTI BTC scam has been ranked the biggest cryptocurrency scam of the year 2020.

The Liquidation and Clayton’s Disapproval

Meanwhile, by the end of 2020, investors started to protest cases for the complete liquidation of MTI and release whatever funds they could get back on their investments. Ever since then, the case is still going on for the final judgment for the judiciary.  The court’s final judgment is yet to appear upon liquidation of MTI. Yet, many liquidators are fighting profusely for the court to grant it. 

On the other hand, Clayton Marks who owns about 50% of MTI opposes the put forth of the liquidators. Adding to this, Marks propagates the liquidation process has not been carried out properly by the team of liquidators. Furthermore, Clayton insists, he and his wife, Cheri Marks, who is actually the head of communications of MTI, were not served the notice for it. 

In addition, Marks exclaims by recovering the 1200 BTCs which is the actual presence in the FX platform account which is from MTI, would solve the entire liquidation. 

However, Marks persists liquidating MTI wouldn’t help in pacifying the investors. Also, he remarks the best solution for this is to find Johann Steynberg and rightfully ask him to rectify his wrong-doings.

As of now, the judgment has been reserved. Yet, the legal team of liquidators is confident in passing the final judgment for the liquidation of MTI.

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