Millions of Twitter User’s Private Data available in the Black Market

Twitter hack
  • The private database contains high profiles such as Vitalik Buterin and Kevin O’Leary.
  • DeFiYield investigated the 1,000 accounts and confirmed that the information is real.

Around 400 million Twitter user accounts were for sale on the black market, according to a report from a cybercrime intelligence company Hudson Rock. The report revealed a private database that is holding emails and associated phone numbers of the 400 Twitter users that were stolen by anonymous hackers and available in the illicit market. 

Additionally, AOC, Kevin O’Leary, Vitalik Buterin, and other prominent users’ emails and phone numbers are among the significant negative volumes of information in the private database, which is available for sale in the black market, as per the December 24th report

Hackers Threat to Elon Musk 

The threat actor stated that the data was collected in early 2022 because of a Twitter vulnerability. It has not been feasible to fully verify the hacker’s claims due to the large number of accounts.

However, DeFiYield, a Web3 security company, investigated the 1,000 accounts. Which is provided by the hacker as a sample and confirmed Today that the information is “real.” The security company communicated with the hacker via Telegram and stated that they are eagerly waiting for a buyer.

Also, the Twitter post claims that the threat actor attempts to blackmail Elon Musk to pay $276 million to prevent the sale or face General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) lawsuits. Further, it stated if Musk paid the ransom hacker will destroy the data and promise not to sell it to anyone else. 

The accused hacker still has a post up on Breached and offers the database to buyers. However, Elon Musk has to look at it to protect several politicians and celebrities from Phishing. Including Crypto frauds, Sim swapping, Doxxing, and other violations.

In the past, hackers have gained access to the accounts of many companies and celebrities to promote multiple cryptocurrencies and NFT ads and steal substantial funds. Later, the authorities secured the victims and recovered the accounts. But now the breaching was much more significant than before. The breach might pose a significant threat to crypto Twitter users. 

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