MicroStrategy To Provide Bitcoin Lightning Network Solutions

  • MicroStrategy has recently added 2,500 Bitcoins despite falling prices of Bitcoins.
  • Saylor said that CMOs can utilize the Lightning Network.

Michael Saylor, executive chairman of MicroStrategy, has said that by 2023, the company would release software and solutions that use the Bitcoin Lightning Network.

Saylor announced the company’s development into Lightning Network-based software and solutions on December 28 during a Twitter Spaces event. These include “support” solutions for enterprise marketing and a cybersecurity solution for business websites.

In order to improve payment throughput and reduce transaction costs, the Lightning Network was built as a layer-2 payment protocol on top of the Bitcoin network.

MicroStrategy is a business intelligence and technology firm with a lot of Bitcoins in the purse. They recently announced they were trying to recruit a software developer with experience with the Lightning Network so they could create a Lightning Network-based SaaS platform.

Utilizing Lightning Infrastructure

Saylor said in a Twitter Spaces discussion that CMOs might utilize the Lightning Network to incentivize consumers by, for example, rewarding them with satoshi for completing surveys or writing positive evaluations on the company’s website.

And, he said, the firm wants any business to be able to “spin up” Lightning infrastructure in an afternoon. The MicroStrategy chairman brought up his “Lightning wall” proposal again, which is a Bitcoin-based barrier designed to prevent cyberattacks on websites by asking users to make a deposit in Satoshi.

Saylor said that anyone who wishes to see secure company websites would have to put up “100,000 satoshi” as a “guarantee,” which will be reimbursed to them as soon as they log out. MicroStrategy has recently added 2,500 Bitcoins despite falling prices of Bitcoins.

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